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How long have you been in business?

Since July 1998 registered in London United Kingdom

Where are you based?

In Poynton Cheshire, United Kingdom.

Why are you not ABTA or ATOL registered?

We are not ABTA or ATOL registered because we do not arrange air-travel (nor travel of any kind) nor do we arrange package tours. We are solely letting agents therefore:

  1. We are not required to be registered with ABTA or ATOL
  2. We would not qualify for registration even if we did apply for it


If you don't organise air, ferry, or train travel, can you arrange car hire?

Yes, we are happy to arrange car hire, boat and yacht hire/charter for our clients free of charge

So, we have make our own travel arrangements?

Yes, that's correct

Isn't having to make our own travel arrangements rather inconvenient?

It depends on how you look at it. With the number of cheaper flights and fast rail connections available these days, many clients like to have the flexibility and comfort of knowing that they're travelling with an established airline, ferry, or railways, rather than an air-charter/package holiday company liable to go bust and leave them stranded

Can you arrange travel insurance?

Yes, we can arrange travel insurance for one or all of the members in your party, or you can arrange cover, by clicking on the link in the head section of this website

Do you really know all the owners of the properties on your website?

Yes, we know them all personally and have worked with most of them for many years

How do we find our accommodation when we arrive?

Within your booking confirmation package, we include a map showing a pre-arranged meeting place. On the map is the address of the meeting place and a mobile number to ring when you've landed at the airport and picked up your hire car, or if driving, when you're about an hour away from us. You will be met at the pre-arranged meeting place, and escorted to your accommodation.

Can we bring our dog or cat with us?

Yes, in some properties you can, but not all of them, if it is an option, it will be clearly stated within the individual property's description details. Some owners demand an increased security deposit when you bring a pet with you. It's best to contact us in advance, so that we can advise you on the most suitable villas available. Since January 2012 it is now much easier to bring a pet with you because the Pet Passport regulations have been relaxed making the whole process of travelling with pets less onerous.

Why do you charge a security deposit?

We have to hold a refundable security deposit because our owners require us to. If you happen to break a glass or a plate during your stay, you can replace it yourself if something suitable can be found, if not, we may have to use some of the security deposit to replace or repair brokend items. TIP: It pays to be honest if you've accidentally broken something!

Do I have to actually pay the security deposit in cash on arrival?

No, we don't accept cash payments for security deposits. You can pay by cheque, which will be cashed (which will be paid into our account). Or, the simplest way is to give us a credit-card authorisation for a pre-arranged limited amount (varies depending on the property concerned) which will not be actioned unless necessary. Most clients prefer to make a credit-card authorisation. Following your departure, and assuming that no damage needs to be paid for, the card authorisation will be destroyed. Similarly, if you'd given us a cheque, we will send you a cheque for the refunded amount following your departure, please allow 28 days for the postal system. 99% of security deposits are either not actioned or returned by cheque in full

In your Terms and Conditions, you state that insurance is mandatory, why is that?

On the Continent, it's very important to have public liability insurance. If for example, a villa burns down and the blame is put down your negligence, you can find yourself in big trouble. We require that the party leader (usually the person making the booking) has insurance cover. Often, you will be covered by your own houshold insurance policy, but make sure it covers rental property abroad. Otherwise, a simple travel insurance policy should include personal liability, you can ask at your high street travel agents, or we can arrange a very reasonably-priced policy for you

Why do some villas and apartment have linen and towels included, but others do not?

Quite simply, this depends on whether individual owners wish to provide linen and towels or not. Clients can bring their own if they wish (we can give you the bed sizes), or we can supply you with a set of linen and towels at £23.50 per person. Most villas have a set of linen and towels per person included within the rental price anyway. Extra sets can be ordered at any time, if clients do not want to wash the sets of linen supplied

Why do you charge a weekly supplement for single-week bookings on some properties, and not for others?

Again, this depends on the individual owners, some demand it, most do not.

Is it possible to have maidservice?

Yes, we can arrange for extra maidservice at any time, please ask us for details

Can I hire a cot and a high-chair for a baby?

If the property you book doesn't have a baby's cot and/or a high-chair, we can supply them (the baby's cots includes linen and towels) for £25.00

Do all your villas have air-conditioning?

No, most do not have air-conditioning. Properties on the coast don't really need it, but more and more are having it fitted. Where it is fitted, some owners may require an additional payment for electricity consumption

What does 'normal use' of electricity and gas mean?

The cost of utilities (water, gas and electricity) are included within the rental price. However, if one of your party decides for example, to switch on the pool heating during your stay and forgets to turn it off, someone is going to have to pay a large bill - and that could well mean you! Electricity and water meters are read before you arrive and on departure, so if someone decides to turn on the garden hose during your stay and forgets to turn it off, the water meter (standard on most continental properties) will tell us. This is another reason as to why a security deposit is required by owners. It's rare for a client to have to pay a surcharge for electricity, water or gas though

Do all your villas have swimming pools?

Yes, all our villas have private swimming pools. Apartments have shared pools, although there a couple which don't have pools - but they are virtually on the beach!

Are all the pools fenced or alarmed to be child-safe?

Yes, all the pools at our villas and apartments in France are either fenced or alarmed to comply with the applicable local laws. We must stress that swimming pools (and even paddling pools) can be a serious and dangerous hazard particularly for young children.


In a laid-back holiday setting, it's easy for adults to become oblivious to what potential danger the children might be getting into - so stay safe!

Are any of your villas suitable for those having special needs?

We do have some villas and apartments which may be suitable for special needs clients, but nothing specifically designed for specials needs. Due to the terrain in some areas, gardens can be steep, and steps or stairs are common, not many properties are suitable for wheel-chair access. Apartments can be more appropriate, because they often have lifts (elevators). Please contact us for details if you have a member in your party who has special needs

Do we have to book Saturday/Saturday?

No, not always. it used to be the case (it's never been our choice) in earlier years, but most owners are now much more flexible than they used to be and many now accept 'mid-week' bookings. However, some still do not...but they tend to become more amenable to the idea as the season progresses! If you're interested in a property and would like to know if the owner would be prepared to accept a mid-week booking, don't hesitate to ask

At what time can I occupy my accommodation and what time do I have to vacate it?

Our arrival times are 16.00hrs-21.00hrs (4.00pm-9.00pm) local time and departure time is 10.00hrs (10.00am) latest

Our arrival has been delayed by travel disruption, we're going to be late, how do we get into our villa?

Although we like to stick to our arrival times as closely as we can, it's inevitable that some clients are delayed when travelling long distances. If you think your arrival may be delayed, it's important to let us know by ringing our contact number as soon as you become aware there may be a problem, then we'll be able to make alternative arrangements. Ringing us at 3.00am to announce that you've arrived and want to be shown into your accommodation will likely mean that you have to book a hotel or stay in your car until 9.00-10.00am the following morning!

Why do rental prices have premiums applied to them in and round Cannes during May?

During the conference and Cannes Film Festival season (early springtime) in the south of France, many owners of properties in and around Cannes demand a premium rate over and above what we advertise on our site for that period. This varies not only from property to property, but also from week to week. It's impossible to quote a definite rate until we have negotiated a price with the owner. If you let us know your requirements, we'll do our best to negotiate the best rental price

When I make an online booking is my booking secure and confirmed so I can make travel arrangements?

No. When making a booking online you are making a reservation request. Having received your request we will reply to you to let you know that it has been received by us, and that we are contacting the owner in order to confirm it with them.


Having confirmed your booking with the owner, we will then contact you again by email or phone with payment details. Once we have done that, you are safe to make your travel arrangements

How much do I have to pay to secure a booking?

The booking deposit usually amounts to 25-30% of the total booking cost. Some owners demand a higher sum, others lower

When do I have to pay the final balance?

Eight weeks before your date of arrival

What happens if I have to cancel my booking?

If you have made a booking but have not paid either a booking deposit or final balance, you need do nothing, we will simply cancel your booking. If you have paid a booking deposit we will do our best to let the villa or apartment to another client, if successful, you will receive your deposit monies back in full. However, if we do not manage to re-let the villa or apartment, your booking deposit will be retained by us with part paying our expenses the remainder being paid to the owner. If you have paid in full i.e. your booking deposit and the final balance, then the same applies, we will endeavour to re-let the property, but if we are unsuccessful, your payment will be retained. It is well worth taking out a travel insurance policy to cover this kind of eventuality

Can I pay by credit-card?

Yes, you can pay using the usually accepted credit-cards, but we do charge a fee of 2.5% for doing so. Basically, we split the fee we are charged by the credit-card company with you

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