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Check out our portfolio of self-catering holiday villas, apartments, private homes, and cottages to rent, and for sale.

You are welcome to advertise your property for rent or for sale on our site

If you have an account with us, you can login, and add/edit/manage both properties for sale or to let. You can also manage your reservations and holiday rental bookings whether you have a single apartment, villa, cottage, individual hôtel rooms, single or multiple b&b rooms, gîte complexes, campsite pitches, boats...

In fact, you can market any accommodation, service, or venue which can be reserved, booked or sold.

But in order to do so, you need to create an account first:

Once you have sent off the form, you will have to confirm your account registration, by clicking on the link provided in the email sent to the address you entered into the account creation form. Once confirmed, you can login, and will see that a 'Property Management' menu is now active.

The Property Management menu contains three links, which allow you to:

  1. Add/Edit Your Rental Properties (this is where you add/manage your rental properties)
  2. Add/Edit Your Sales Account (N.B. your sales account profile has to be set up before any property details can be added)
  3. Add/Edit Your Sales Properties (this is where you add/manage your properties for sale)

Once you have finished your work, please do not forget to logout of the system!

For any further information, help or assistance, please use our 'Make Contact' form.

N.B. If for example, you find that that you require a new country, category, property type, or location added to the site architecture, please let us know, and we'll be pleased to accommodate your requests. However, we can only satisfy possible requests, not unfortunately, the impossible ones!


Who Are Azur Villas?

Azur Villas Ltd. England. Reg. No. 3597606 is a U.K. based holiday rentals business, established in 1998. We have a portfolio of apartments and villas for holiday rentals along the Côte d'Azur in the South of France, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aquitaine, Brittany, and Portugal, and are now offering properties for sale too.

What can Azur Villas do for me?

We operate the most cutting-edge booking and reservation system available on the market today. We are pleased to be able to offer its full capabilities not only to apartment, villa & gîte owners, but also to hotels, campsites, bed and breakfast accommodation...in short, any property or business resource which can be rented.

It's perfect for the owners of holiday rental properties, because it handles all invoicing, payment reminders, availability, SMS messaging of bookings to your smart phone...and a whole lot more besides.

I have more than one rental property. Can I list all of them?

Yes, you can list just one of your properties, or all of them. You can add more, or reduce the number you've listed at any time.

I have my property already listed on several portals, I don't have the time to add it to another. Can you add my property to your site for me?

Yes, we can download your property details/prices/photos/maps/availability from any third-party site, and it to our site on your behalf. We make a charge of £25.00 for this service.

In my B&B, the rooms are let separately. Can I let/manage the rooms individually?

Yes, our system easily handles multi-room properties for businesses such as hotels, chalets, apartment blocks, bed and breakfast accommodation, gîte complexes & camp sites. Each room can have its own tariff, chargeable (or free) extras, availability, photos and description.

I mainly do rentals, but I also some sales. Can I list those too?

Properties can either be bookings and reservations based, or for sale (real-estate) types. That is, those which do require booking functionality, and those which don't, such as property for sale. You simply have to select whether a property is for rent or for sale.

Is the system easy for my customers to use?

Yes, our system is incredibly powerful, yet potential customers can search and browse for a suitable property very easily.

When they find a suitable property, they can view photos, description, more info, Google location map, QR code and current availability all on one page. During the booking process, they can see the full cost of their booking, all on one page, without any navigation necessary.

Depending on how you configure your payment methods, your customers can pay deposits and final balances online via PayPal (and many other gateways), or by cheque/bank transfer if preferred. Both the owner and customer and owner receive full booking details

Can payment reminders be sent to my customers?

Yes, payment reminders can be configured to be sent out to customers automatically at a pre-defined number of days, weeks or months in advance of arrival.

Can I add a full description of my property?

Yes, you can add as much descriptive text as you like.

How many photos can I have on my property details?

The number of photos you can have is unlimited. However, we do reserve the right to impose a sensible limit.

Can my property be displayed on a location map?

Yes, our system fully supports Google Maps. If you prefer not to have the location of your property displayed, that option is also available

Can I add chargeable extras, such as welcome packs, linen and towels and end of stay cleaning?

Yes, you can add as many extras as you wish, with different tariffs and tax rates.

Some systems offer texting of bookings to a mobile. Can your system do that?

Yes, we use the Clickatell SMS system. Once you've entered your mobile phone number, any bookings you receive will immediately be redirected to your mobile phone too. So, you never need lose a booking again!

How much does it cost to list my property on your site?

We have three basic costing models:

  1. Subscription: You pay £52.00 GBP per property, per annum. That's just £1.00 GBP per week, no other costs from us will be incurred by you.
  2. Commission: You pay nothing until a booking is taken via our website. Whan a booking is confirmed, and final balance paid, we will automatically charge 5% of the total rental cost, and an invoice will be sent to you.
  3. Managed Commission: We take the bookings for your property and deal with your customers on your behalf. For each booking we take, we will charge a 10% commission of the total rental cost.

For hotels, apartment blocks, condos and gîte complexes and agencies, we have special rates. Please contact us via our contact form to enquire further.

Do you support languages other than English?

Yes, you can add your property in any language you wish. Our site supports 26 languages including amongst others: Dansk, Deutsch, Greek, Español, Français, Italiano, Nederlands, Polski, Português.

I don't see a category which suits my property. Can you add it for me?

Yes, if your business falls into a category which we don't yet have available, please make a request via our contact form.

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